September all ready!

Well we’ve survived August, with its inches of rain, chaotic roads, buses running late, busy shops and school children about.. Well we would have done but due to the awful weather other than for a trip to the sea zoo, and a weekly trip to the play park in Caernarfon most day trips planned for beaches got cancelled.

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We have spent a bit of time in August watching the olympics, and Steve and Asha had a teddybear Olympics for a few days. Now the Paralympics are on we’ve discussed disability a bit more, and invisible disability and prejudice. We have also talked about how people make friends, about bullying and about Autism. After waiting outside a betting shop for a bus one day, steve had to answer some questions about betting, how odds work and horse racing.

Asha has been busy how can i get viagra overnight though.. She has been working on her reading skills, has developed some good IT skills, and can now easily browse you tube for instruction videos.

Reading wise she has nearly finished off the complete Harry Potter, at bed time. We have introduced her to Anne of Green Gables, via an audio version. Only the first book in the series is suitable for her, but she seems to be enjoying it.

She is currently also enjoying the first of the 1940′s Dr Dolittle books. – hugh lofting. I didn’t realise how many books there are in this series, we have five of them, : The Story of Dr Dolittle, Dr Dolittle’s Circus, The Voyages of Dr Dolittle, Dr Dolittle and the Green Canary. Were hoping to get hold of the others… Once we have read these I am planning on introducing her to some Enid Blyton. Over the next few months i plan on reading books which she can read herself, to try and encourage her to take the book away and read it in between her time with me.

She has also been in my hoist and has played and played with her toys. Her chinese is coming along well, and it always makes me chuckle when she answers questions i ask her in mandarin… She has a good grasp of basic maths, and her problem solving ability is brilliant. She can use both the online dictionary and book format for finding the meaning of words, and often draws parallels between different stories when were reading.

I am thinking of trying to introduce her to some kind of needlework after christmas, to some extent this depends on where were living at that stage. I hope were moved before christmas.

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